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Poems Speak All Thoughts

The Dove In The NightA dove sits in the night's black.
All the lights are out but she remains.
She sits in a pine tree waiting.
She is not quite sure what for.
She sits and sits without making a move.
Then she sees a boy with a tear in his eye.
He sits below her tree and begins to weep.
Suddenly he shouts, "Why me?"
The dove knows that it is time to stop waiting.
She hops down one branch at a time.
He starts to pull out a knife.
He begins to say, "Goodbye my life."
Before he can finish he sees something.
There goes the white dove with the black knife.
Once she is out of sight there was light.
The boy stopped shedding tears.
He went on with no despair or fear.
Man in WhiteThere you were,
dressed in white asking for forgiveness.
A symbol of pure,
so why was I so unsure?
You used to be a man,
all dressed up in black.
I was the only one to trust you,
now it seems to be I'm the only one that won't forget.
You stood there and opened your arms,
you asked me what I saw.
I thought a fake,
but didn't say it at all.
My friend who hated you,
fell for your trick.
You were hiding the black now,
sadly that made the difference.
Yet I was one to still see the black,
one to still see the evil.
All I saw was a man,
faking to now be pure.
The one in my lifeYou are my inspiration.
The one that I think of,
just to become happy again.
I think of that smile,
that makes my heart go 100 miles.
I think of that laugh,
that makes me forget my past.
When you looked up at me,
it made me wonder,
what you could be thinking.  
When we met eyes,
I swear I could fly.
That moment you gave me a hug,
I knew that you really do care.
You come around only to see me.
I'm just that lucky to have you in my life,
and to remember that special night.
Poems Speak My ThoughtsI've been called pretty,
but they haven't been for me.
I've been called beautiful,
but sadly it wasn't by you.
Some days I feel,
you are the only one that cares.
Other times I'm a mess,
cause I think you could worry less.
Sometimes I wait to text you,
just to see if you miss talking.
Yet I can't wait that long.
I really like you,
and always have.
Yet when I had a chance,
I ran off with someone that treated me bad.
Probably after you read this,
you'll probably think I'm a crazy fool.
Then I may just have to get over you,
even if it's something I don't want to do.
I just don't want to lose a friend in the end.
What did I do?Honestly I don't know what to think anymore,
what parts of what I believe is really true.
Everyone is walking out the door,
I don't have a clue.
It makes me wonder,
about all the bad talk that could be going on.
If they bad talk the so called better people,
it makes me wonder all the bad they say about me.
What do they call me?
A bad friend? When I'm always there.
Desperate? When I only like one guy.
A downer? When I hide sadness around everyone.
A big mouth? When I listen to problems and not talk about mine.
These people are what I call "friends",
say they are there when they are not.
Luckily I still have a few friends,
that will help me to the end.
What You Did to MeI acted normal,
until you walked in the door.
I tired to act formal,
but my eyes were glued to the floor.
It was my first concert,
but I could not play a note.
I tried to stay alert,
but my heart was a float.
You actually came,
just to support me.
I felt like I was surrounded by flames,
I started to get kinda wheezy.
You watched me the the whole time,
and gave me that smile when I looked back.
You came to watch me do my pastime,
and to see your Mac.
I would have to say,
that was one of my best days.
Apple TreeThere on top of the hill,
sits a little apple tree.
With the best one you will ever see,
but on the inside is sour.
Then there is little neglected ugly me,
who has a taste as sweet as can be.
Everyone wants to pick the other,
while no one looks at me.
They go to her every day,
I just sit and rot away.
One time someone saw me,
but just threw a rock my way.
Just some days,
I wish I was the other apple.
Then finally one day,
someone stops and looks at me.
Really looks and doesn't cause pain.
My only question is,
will I finally be picked over the other?
That Was UsI lay awake in bed,
staring up at the ceiling.
Not knowing what to do,
because I only want to be with you.
Then I start to laugh,
because the memories start coming back.
How we would joke around and say,
that was the worst way to spend a day.
How you would say,
that you won our "fights".
How I would say,
you just had some luck.
How you thought I was crazy,
for how many movies I haven't seen.
How I thought you were crazy,
for watching that many.
Then the sadness comes back.
Since I just had to fall for you,
right before you had to go.


Dont mind me by bandie729
Hello as it says up there I am (Mc)Kenzie. I am 18 years young and just starting off in the world of college. I have a busy life but I still love to surround myself with art and music. I'm not professional by any means when it comes to my art but I still do it for fun. I draw, I write, and I take pictures. One of my strengths is definitely pokemon and poems. Definitely an odd combination.

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:music: "Music is a moral law- it gives wings to the mind, A soul to the universe, Flight to the imagination, A charm to sadness, A life to everything'' - Plato :music:

:heart: "There will never be a love quote that explains how much you mean to me, never a song that truly hit's the spot, not enough words to tell you how i feel, you're too perfect."-Unknown :heart:

:rose: "If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever." -Winnie the Pooh :rose:

:blackrose: "We have a bond stronger than friendship or love. And although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart." -Beauty and the Beast :blackrose:

:shrug: "The only stupid questions are the ones you know the answer to" - A friend of mine :shrug:
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A year ago I was told we were meant to be.
People saw it since Freshman year.
This seems a little strange to me.

At the time I didn't even know,
if you would still be here a year later.
Yet we made it and are strong as ever.

So maybe it is really true,
that we are meant to be.
You are my life and my love.
Just simply meant to be.
A year
Well it has been so long since ive done a poem. This probably isnt the best since I just quickly wrote it but here you go.

Personal Snow Day!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 8:03 AM

Hey all!

So as most of you know I live in Colorado. This weekend we are getting the most snow that we have had in a while. I guess last night was the start of this "snow day". We made s'mores over at my boyfriends house. It was great. Sadly he had to go to work today after fighting his car. Anyway instead of going back to my cramped dorm I decided to stay over at his house for the day with Collin and Lilly. Once they get up, if they ever do, I have a feeing we are going to have a good "snow day".

  • Mood: Winter Downs
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  • Watching: Death Note
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So I finally joined the world of Tumblr. I'm bandie729. Follow me and I'll follow all of you back :)


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